Take Surveying and Measuring to the Next Level: Intergeo 2016 MAVinci News

11. October 2016 News, Newsletter-en

We are proud to present the new products and payloads at this years Intergeo!

Know Everything about your Site – Every Time and Everywhere using MAVinci Desktop:

In the latest version of MAVinci Desktop we introduce a number of exciting new features: You can choose between thousands of predefined EPSG systems or create your own customized EPSG System. We offer support for site-specific RTK installations so that you can show your RTK base positions on map, compute the rover base line, filter RTCM data stream by base station ID, show base antenna identifier or perform a quick cross-check by showing the UAV position in your local coordinates.


In addition we improved the background map data with up-to-date hyperspectral map data with refresh rates of down to 3-5 days, Resolution up to 10 m and over 20 new map overlays. A sunrise and sunset planner for any location and any time on earth helps you to optimize your operational flight hours. In the picture you can see a comparison between the hyperspectral live map, here a Vegetation Index overlay vs. the normal Map box data.





Use advanced MAVinci Desktop technology for manned aircraft: Manned Flight Edition

After yearScreenshot from 2016-09-23 12-17-20s of collecting experience in the drone surveying business and creating the most advanced flight planning software on the market we decided to extend our scope to support manned surveying flights. The MAVinci Desktop manned flight edition enables you to pl an your manned flights using MAVinci Desktop! Use all the different mapping modes in MAVinci Desktop and compute individual trigger positions of your camera. The software Optimizes the distance for perfect overlap of the images on every terrain. You can export the finished flight plan to your on-board navigation device or use consumer-grade GPS and a laptop for navigation.


For more infos click here!


New payloads

Last but not least we want to introduce you to our new range of payloads for the SIRIUS UAS.

Perform mapping with 42 Megapixels using the High resolution Sony RX1R II! This incredible camera provides a GSD of down ot 0.5 cm and has the follwing specs:

Sensor 35.9 mm x 24.0 mm EXMOR R CMOS full frame sensor

Resolution 4.51 μm at 42.2 MPX

Lens 35 mm Zeiss Sonnar T* (fixed focal length)

File type JPEG or RAW for maximum accuracy

Light sensitivity ISO 100 – ISO 102400

Color filter RGB (red, green, blue)


gsd sony tabelle





Our second new payload lets you see more than your eyes: The MicaSense RedEdge!

Collect data for applications in precision farming and biology

    • Plant conditions: height/health/count
    • Disease detection
    • Weed mapping
    • Biomass volume computation
    • Landshape mapping
    • Volume computation
    • Animal monitoring: position/movement/count

The camera specs are the following:

Sensors 5 discrete spectral bands, simultaneously triggered

Resolution 1.3 MPx per sensor

File type 12 bit RAW

Spectral bands Blue, green, red, red edge, near IR (narrow band)

Light sensitivity ISO 100 – ISO 102400

gsd rededge tabelle





Discover all new technology and visit us until Thursday, 13th October 2016 at INTERGEO 2016 in Hamburg in Hall 1, booth F1.041.