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That is MAVinci

As a manufacturer and developer of professional unmanned aerial drones and software systems, MAVinci specializes in developing and offering airborne documentation and surveying solutions. MAVinci developed a complete unmanned aircraft system, which today’s version is the Intel Sirius™ Pro UAS, to carry out surveying and mapping projects. This is a fully automatable light aircraft with a built-in camera and software for planning, management, control and processing.

Innovative and solution-driven – that’s what we’re all about! We strive to present our customers with the best possible answers to their problems, and to support them in efficiently implementing their projects whilst achieving optimal results. Our products are designed so that tasks can be performed easily and quickly. Special focus is always placed on safety. That is why the MAVinci System is made from very sturdy components and premium quality materials.

MAVinci is an innovation leader in the field of civil surveying and mapping with unmanned aerial systems. All technology and innovation are done in-house at MAVinci, making it possible to quickly respond to customer requests and to continually develop new products and solutions.

MAVinci was a German company headquartered in St. Leon-Rot in Baden-Württemberg, between Heidelberg and Stuttgart. Due to its acquisition by Intel MAVinci became Intel Deutschland GmbH in 2017.

Why not try MAVinci SIRIUS for yourself?

We understand that you’d first like to try MAVinci SIRIUS without any obligations. We’ll be happy to fly over specific areas for you and make the results available to you. By the way, our MAVinci Desktop software is also available as a demo version.

. Our values

. Why MAVinci

Our products for your surveying jobs: Discover the advantages of the MAVinci SIRIUS Unmanned Aerial System >

Our values

These are what we build on, as our values are the basis for our great relationships with our customers.

1. Our customers’ trust is our most valuable asset

We take responsibility for our work; therefore we communicate only sound features, facts, and results that have been tested in real-life operations.

2. We remain responsible for the technology

In order to be able to quickly give you accurate answers and new solutions, we develop our entire MAVinci system in-house and only collaborate with selected suppliers and partners.

3. We sell durability

We focus on durable products, quality materials, and solid design that will withstand a wide range of challenges. Before delivery, we test each UAS, to ensure that only fully functional products leave our premises.

4. Ease of use and simple handling

Despite our products’ high-tech and comprehensive features, it is important to us that they are lightweight and compact for extra mobility, yet simple and intuitive to use. We strive to keep your project costs and the effort involved as low as possible. Explore the six project steps – from planning to data processing. That’s our workflow >

5. Functionality determines design

Our products are developed and designed to operate under difficult flight conditions and meet high performance expectations. More about the UAV structure >

6. Safety comes first

The safe operation of our products is our primary concern in the development of the SIRIUS UAS. From the UAV to software, our system is equipped with additional features that draw attention to obstacles and avoid injuries. Our training produces responsible pilots. More about the training >

7. MAVinci is available worldwide

Thanks to our global dealer and service provider network, MAVinci products can be found in many countries and certainly in your area. We reply to your service and repair-related questions in your local language. Find a dealer near you. >

8. Individuality

With the MAVinci system, we want to give you flexibility. The software therefore offers you various evaluation and visualization options so you can meet, or exceed, your customers’ expectations. Discover the Mission Control software MAVinci Desktop >

9. We see challenges as opportunities

Your feedback is the basis for our work. No matter whether you are faced with new challenges or have custom requirements, it is important to us that you are satisfied.

10. We are passionate about technology

Our products hit the market with the latest technologies, which we are continually advancing. Our drive and thirst for knowledge help us to develop products and components that are always on the cutting edge of technology, and to present you with a suitable solution.

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