Manned Edition

MAVinci Desktop – Manned Edition

Use the advanced MAVinci Desktop technology to plan your manned flights

Until now, taking aerial images from a manned plane needed a lot of preparation and a precise flight itself. The triggering of the camera was done roughly by estimation of the pilot. Therefore getting good results was a gamble.

As MAVinci had build an reputation for accurate aerial image generation over the last years with the SIRIUS UAS, the flight planning software MAVinci Desktop can now be used to prepare manned flights.

Why manned flight planning?

Until now, there was no simple flight planning software with a focus on aerial photography for manned planes available. MAVinci Desktop enables every pilot to prepare his individual mission in accordance with the reliable technology proven in thousands of flight hours with the Sirius UAV. All of the flight planning features for the UAS can be used for the manned flight plan.
This includes the following features:

  • Different flight plans:
    • Spiral
    • Corridor
    • City
    • Polygon
    • Manual
  • Terrain following mode
  • Adjust the waypoint computation to your airplane specifications
    • Airspeed
    • Turn radius
    • Overshoot
    • Altitude

Special Features in the Manned Flight Edition

Connect a consumer grade GPS receiver to your laptop running MAVinci Desktop to create a mission guidance system. Several indicators support the pilot to follow his predefined optimal route.

The main indicator to trigger an image is an acoustic signal as well as a visual guidance using virtual gates on the screen to support navigation. Furthermore a navigation graph will show the deviation of the optimal flight line.
The software shows already visited lines and recognizes deviating flight lines automatically. This way all the images can be triggered with the wanted resolution and in the correct position and altitude.



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