With these add-ons you can upgrade your UAS on for various purposes.

. NIR Camera

Camera extension: City Mapping

Camera extension: High Resolution

Add-Ons for the PRO version

Camera accessories:

1. NIR Camera

For vegetation analyses: the NIR camera

For the MAVinci SIRIUS UAV, we also offer a NIR camera. With it, you can create near-infrared images that are especially suited for vegetation analysis (e.g. NDVI) and calculations in the agricultural and biological field. You can also create orthophotos and 3D models with exactly the same exact results using this version of the Fuji X-M1 NIR camera. In addition to the near-infrared channel, the camera is equipped with one green and one red channel for aerial shots if required.

2. Camera extension: City Mapping

For 3D models and urban cartography: the City Mapping kit

The Fujifilm X-M1 boasts a special 8 mm lens for taking pictures of buildings, infrastructure, construction sites, industrial areas, and plants. The GSD ranges from 3.6 to 20 cm. One flight can cover an area of ​​up to 3.7 sq km. With a software extension, you will receive the City Mapping mode, which optimizes the planning, preparation, and processing accordingly. The photos taken are automatically converted into a textured 3D city model.

3. Camera extension: High Resolution

For maximum resolution and detailed plans: the High Resolution kit

The 27 mm lens gives you the highest possible resolution. Depending on the desired detail recognition, you will receive data with a GSD of down to 1.1 cm.
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Hardware accessories:

Add-ons for the PRO version:

+Integrated RTK base station

As an alternative to using your own external RTK base station, we offer an integrated RTK base station: this upgrade activates the internal base station in the connector. Instead of an additional separate base station, you can use the connector as a receiver. This saves you the additional hardware and simplifies operation through a compact system.

To use the software option, you need a compatible GNSS antenna with tripod for connection to the MAVinci Connector.

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