Virtual Surveyor

Analysis tool: Virtual Surveyor

Virtual Surveyor is your complete software suite for virtual surveys. Combine your aerial image data with conventional geodesy and explore land areas on-screen both virtually and interactively.

Virtual Surveyor is a software that allows you to virtually select and set points and alignments for surveying. This saves you time, as you don’t need to mark them manually in the field. The topography can be described very precisely and without much effort. In the Virtual Surveyor you can easily combine orthophotos with digital elevation models, after which you are presented with a 3D view that can be explored interactively.

Precise volume calculations for your specified area are just as possible as fast 3D visualizations for presentation purposes. You will be able to guide your customers and audience through 3D environments and communicate your project realistically using interactive presentation or movies created in Virtual Surveyor.

. A look at Virtual Surveyor

. What does Virtual Surveyor offer you?

What does Virtual Surveyor offer you?

  • Creating 3D environments
  • Virtually finding and marking alignments and reference points
  • Volume analysis and calculations
  • Real-time calculation of elevation contours and slopes
  • Visibility analysis
  • Determining flood scenarios
  • Simulating the future using 3D models, point clouds and terrain modifications
  • Direct export to CAD and GIS
  • Creating movies

A look at Virtual Surveyor

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