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Mission Control Software – MAVinci Desktop

MAVinci Desktop is a our custom software that provides you with all relevant tools for creating aerial images in one place, from flight planning and quality checking to image processing. With MAVinci Desktop, you save time and money, and plan your projects in the shortest possible time, with high precision.

How MAVinci Desktop supports you

1. Flight planning and preparation

With MAVinci Desktop, you select the desired flight area. The best route is then planned automatically.

  • Automatic area division for large areas
  • Automatic altitude adjustment based on an elevation model
  • Automatic simulation and validation of flightplans for safety and data quality in consideration of no-fly zones and terrain models
  • Wireless transmission of the flight plan to the UAV

2. Monitoring and manipulation during flights

The flight plan can be changed during flight operations and transmitted to the UAV.

  • Automatic flying with the autopilot
  • Live on-screen monitoring including warnings, e.g. for battery status and other flight parameters

3. Post-flight quality check

Immediately after the flight, you have the option to see a preview of your data, in which you can zoom down to the smallest detail. In seconds you will receive confirmation that your data was recorded correctly and is congruent in the case of several flights.

  • Automatic verification of data coverage
  • Checking for processability
  • Preview with detailed view

4. Further processing of aerial photographs

MAVinci Desktop offers 1-click interfaces to image processing and analysis tools.

  • Simple creation of orthophotos and 3D models
  • Compatible with Agisoft Photoscan Pro, Pix 4D, and other image processing tools
  • Compatible with the analysis and visualization tool Virtual Surveyor

By the way: There is a special MAVinci Plug-in for Agisoft Photoscan. With it, you can achieve improved accuracy and turn Agisoft Photoscan and MAVinci Desktop into a compact 1-click tool.

6 steps to completion

How to complete a project with MAVinci SIRIUS UAS. See the workflow here >

. Technical details

. A look at MAVinci Desktop

How much of your time does your survey project take up?

Find out more about the advantages of MAVinci SIRIUS PRO >

Process your images with the compatible image processing tools. Find out more >

Analyse and visualise your data with the analysis tool Virtual Surveyor.

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Free trial version – can be easily converted to a full version.

Technical details

  • Compatibility: Windows/Mac/Linux
  • Integration of global mapping services that provide high-resolution maps and terrain models, e.g. WMS (Web Map Service)
  • Display and processing of airspace restrictions (Open Airspace files)
  • Display and processing of aerial photographs, and digital terrain models (geoTIFF files)
  • Display and processing of maps from KML and shapefiles
  • Live weather radar
  • 2D and 3D views
  • Offline mission planning
  • Processing of near-infrared images and vegetation analysis (NDVI, CIR)
  • Interfaces to image processing and analysis tools Compatible with: Agisoft Pro (including MAVinci plugin extension), Pix4D Compatible with: Virtual Surveyor
  • Add-On for SIRIUS PRO: NTRIP client for RTCM corrections
  • Available languages: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Russian, Turkish

MAVinci SIRIUS PRO extension:

  • SIRIUS PRO: NTRIP client for RTCM corrections


  • Airspace surveillance system
  • City Mapping flight planning and processing extension

A look at MAVinci Desktop

Flight planning and preparation

High resolution images in most areas of the world can be used as a basis for your flight planning.

Select the desired area with few mouse clicks.

The flight plan is calculated automatically.

Large areas are automatically split into multiple flight plans, that will be re-joined for processing.

With only a few clicks you will plan a corridor flight plan.  

Capture fantastic 3D data sets that include the textures of vertical structures such as the facades of buildings with the city Mapping flight planning in combination with the supplementary city mapping add-on hardware.

Cover the maximum area within the line of sight with the new spiral flight pattern.  

How to ensure a constant Ground Sampling Distance with the new full 3d flight planning: Upload a 3D model to adapt the flight plan. SIRIUS UAS will climb and descend on the flight lines according to the surface.

Monitoring and manipulation

Current maps allows you to monitor the flight live on screen.

After the flight the exact picture positions will be imported for processing.

After the flight

Import the final orthofoto into Mavinci Desktop as a basis for your next flight plans.

Get a really close look on the data you acquired directly after the flight. You can zoom into every single picture that was taken in flight.

After Data Processing

Import the final orthophoto into Mavinci Desktop as a basis for your next flightplans.

Import the final 3D model into Mavinci Desktop as a basis for your next flightplans.

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