Training for the MAVinci system

Become an expert in working with professional drones. During a 2-day training course, you will learn in no time how to quickly and safely operate the MAVinci system in any situation.

In addition to basic knowledge, structure, and operation of the UAS, you will learn the correct flight behavior in different weather conditions, and in case of malfunctions and emergency situations. You will receive a briefing on wind conditions and influences on the aerial drone, and get tips for efficient planning with the software.

Good to know: Several of our dealers offer a training. Ask your dealer close to you. Or feel free to visit us in the beautiful St. Leon-Rot. MAVinci dealers and distributors can be found in many countries.

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. Training content

Online training for Agisoft Photoscan

You will learn the following training content:

Theoretical session – basic knowledge

  • Basic knowledge of aerodynamics (construction and functionality of airplanes)
  • Basic knowledge of aviation law (flight permission, etc.)
    • Aeronautical Chart ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) – how to read and understand
    •  Notice to Airmen (NOTAM)
  • Basic knowledge of meteorology (briefing on wind and weather conditions and influence to flight planning and operation)

Theoretical session – the MAVinci SIRIUS UAS

  • Assembly and disassembly of the SIRIUS UAV
  • Technical limits of the UAS (including payload, weather conditions, flight time)
  • Before flight: Flight Planning and mission workflow using preflight check lists
  • During flight: Behaviour in case of malfunction or emergency
  • After flight: Generate matching / post processing
  • Safety: Basic knowledge about security systems

Practice session – Taking off – Flying – Landing

  • Completing a survey project
  • Take off, flying and landing training

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