MAVinci’s SIRIUS CLASSIC, BASIC and PRO: The drone components

At MAVinci, we rely on high-quality, weather-resistant materials. Stability and full functionality even in bad weather conditions are a must for the MAVinci SIRIUS.

1. Detachable horizontal and vertical tail: Easy exchange of spare parts
2. Special long life servomotors
3. GPS Antenna
4. Security switch for engine control 5. Extremely lightweight foam material
6. White color prevents overheating

  7. Access to camera storage card
  8. MAVinci Autopilot – Read more
  9. Flashing lights below the wings
10. Calibrated camera with large sensor
11. Single battery powers UAV (incl. camera)
12. Electric brushless motor
13. Folding propeller: protection during landing

As for the hardware, the difference between the PRO and CLASSIC versions lies in the integrated GPS. The Premium GPS system of the PRO version gives you accurate data without first needing to spend a lot of time setting control points.

. Autopilot

. Connector

If desired, you can enhance your MAVinci system with an air traffic control system.

For more information, see Add-ons >

The MAVinci autopilot

The autopilot controls your aircraft completely automatically – from take-off to landing. In line with the flightplan, the previously calculated parameters, such as altitude, are taken into account during automatic navigations. Regardless of adverse weather or wind conditions, or when the aircraft is controlled manually, the autopilot stabilizes the UAV throughout the flight and safely brings it back to the starting point. The Assisted Flying feature works even if one component malfunctions.

Technical details:

  • GPS/IMU supported
  • Built-in compass for improved navigation
  • Automatic take-off / automatic landing
  • Automatic emergency functions
  • Full Auto mode or Assisted Flying mode

The MAVinci connector

The connector links everything together. MAVinci Desktop and autopilot are integrated in the UAV and can communicate with each other through the radio link. The wireless connection has a range of up to 6 km. This allows you to change the flight plan at any time during the flight and to send it back to the UAV.

Good to know: In the EU and other countries with a 100 mW output limit in the 2.4 GHz band, the transmission power is automatically reduced. The range is then up to 2.5 km.

+ Additional add-on for the PRO version: integrated RTK base station As an alternative to using your own external RTK base station, we offer an integrated RTK base station: this upgrade activates the internal base station in the connector. Instead of an additional separate base station, you can also use the connector as a GNSS receiver. This saves you the additional hardware and simplifies operation through a compact system.

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