Why MAVinci

Why MAVinci: The benefits of the MAVinci system at a glance

1. MAVinci SIRIUS UAS can be operated easily and quickly

The UAV takes off directly from your hand. Additional accessories are not required.
Large areas that cannot be covered by one flight are automatically split into multiple flights, whose datasets are then reassembled.
Flight planning and evaluation is carried out automatically by the MAVinci Desktop software.
Using the quick preview option, data can be checked directly in the field.
MAVinci autopilot flies and lands the UAV completely automatically.

2. MAVinci SIRIUS meets the highest precision requirements

To achieve top aerials shots, use a camera that still provides good results even in low light conditions.
MAVinci SIRIUS was constructed in such a way that it offers impressive stability, which is especially advantageous in extreme weather conditions.
With the PRO version you use MAVinci’s precision technology together with TOPCON’s GPS/GLONASS receiver. This gives you high-precision results without needing to set any control points beforehand.

3. MAVinci SIRIUS works in extreme weather conditions

Can be operated with wind speeds of up to 50 km/h and gusts up to 65 km/h.
Flight operation possible at temperatures from -20 °C to +45 °C. Owing to the aircraft’s white surface, the UAV does not heat up even at high temperatures. The black bottom forms a highly visible contrast to the background.
Can be operated in rain.

4. MAVinci SIRIUS copes with difficult flight conditions .

The flight plan automatically adjusts to the ground’s surface and calculates the necessary distance using an elevation model.
Supported by the autopilot, MAVinci SIRIUS can easily land even in areas where obstacles prevent a fully automatic landing.

5. MAVinci SIRIUS focuses on safety

Our safety features prevent collisions and avoid other hazards. You will thus be able to obtain flight approvals even in countries with more stringent restrictions.

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